The Perfect Summer Wedges

These Ori - 3's are the perfect summertime wedges with the cutest shade pastel pink to add a pop of color on any outfit. Plus, we can't get enough of the shimmering A/B crystal and genuine crystal rhinestone design on the front strap. We're always down for something pink and sparkly!

Another amazing factor about these low-strappy wedges is that they are almost similar to flatforms because the arch is not overly steep. Since these wedges are super cute and wearable, you'll still be looking stylish and comfortable enough to go on those summer adventures. If you're looking for something cute, comfortable, and versatile, then this is definitely the answer. 

We love being creative here at De Blossom Collection, so don't be afraid to mix up your styles and push your boundaries when it comes to fashion. These amazing Ori-3's can be worn as an evening heel or casually.  

For an evening look, imagine a fun date night with a crop top, crochet skirt, a light jacket, and these cute Ori - 3s and you'll be ready to battle those warm summer evenings. 

For a daytime look, you can stick with something very casual like we did with a lace-up crop top and high-waisted shorts. You can wear this cute look to hang out with friends or simply to-go shopping. One thing definite about your day is you'll be turning a lot of heads with these cute summer perfect wedges. 

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