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Ways Successful Women Power Through A Productive Workweek

It’s the beginning of another workweek, and time can feel slow when you’re already looking forward to Friday. Successful individuals know that it is essential to gain every second of productivity out of the work week. Many of us struggle with how to manage our daily to-do’s, while other people can power through with such ease. Here are three essential principles which will allow you to get the most out of your five-day work week. PC: The Chriselle Factor 1. Change your Mentality Practice changing your mentality from negative to positive, especially when it comes to the Monday workday blues. Start your morning by thinking what you’re grateful for, and how you can make each day great. Highly successful individuals...

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Trending: Whole 30 Meal Planning

It's the middle of January and we're just finished with two weeks of the new year. How have you been measuring up to your goals and resolutions? If you haven't been sticking to your restricted diet plans we have just the meal plan for you. It's called Whole 30 and it's been growing in popularity with celebrities and bloggers alike. You may be asking yourself what is whole 30? Whole 30 is a meal plan designed to get your body in the best health of it's life with a fresh start composed of real, nutritious foods. Reset your metabolism and long term health.  (Image Via The Rules: Eat Real Foods Only: meat, seafood, eggs. veggies, some fruit, good fat,...

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