Top 4 Outfits For The 4th Of July

The 4th Of July gives us the opportunity to celebrate the middle of summer and freedom with our loved ones, all while enjoying some delicious food and ending the night with a magical firework show. Whether you live in a coastal state or inside America's heartland, celebrating at a rooftop party with friends or at a BBQ with family, we've put together some outfits inspired by America's flag and different regions of our country, enjoy!
Look 1 : Stars & Stripes
4th Of July Outfit

This look was inspired by all of our coastal cuties who always look fabulously chic in the city and shine bright at night while mingling with friends at a rooftop lounge. These striped pants have a nice relaxed print, which will keep you feeling comfortable throughout the day. To make the outfit more fitted, we chose a white off the shoulder top that adds an element of playfulness. To emphasize the off the shoulder, we chose to keep the neck area bare and instead added some silver star drop earrings as an homage to our flag. Our simple silver sandal heels compliment the cool tones of this outfit's palette and elevate this outfit's casual vibe to a more elegant appearance without being over dressed. To make your eyes pop, no matter what color they are, add some powder blue eyeliner to the bottom lash line!
Look 2: Southern Charm
4th Of July Outfit

This look was inspired the all the charming elements of the American South. Some of the stand out parts about the South include the warm southern hospitality and flavorful food. Sweet and feminine, this dress would be perfect to wear to a BBQ or picnic for the 4th Of July. Keeping in with the floral pattern of the dress we chose some flower earrings and to add some navy blue to the outfit we chose this wrap watch. We love how this watch doubles as a bracelet and perfectly compliments the dress. To tie in the whole look, we chose a gold low sandal heel to match the gold accessories. What we love about our gold block heeled sandal is how it dresses up the look with the shimmer material and rhinestones but low height makes it easy to wear in the day time and at virtually any venue.
Look 3: Miss Independent   
4th Of July Outfit

This look was inspired by all you ladies who love to take chances, and feel confident meshing up different styles. What we love about this look is that it is fashion forward but still feels comfortable. This ensemble is a mix of classic meets modern; with a longer elegant skirt and some classy earrings, partnered with contemporary silhouette top and white slip on sneakers embellished with rhinestones, which also adds some elegance.

Look 4: Modern Marvel
4th Of July Outfit

Denim is an iconic American wardrobe staple. The embroidered denim look has been revitalized and is a hot trend right now. To compliment the red embroidery in the denim we chose a red camisole to be layered underneath a red mesh top. To dress up the outfit, we chose this comfortable white rhinestone wedge.



(Cover Photo via Pinterest)

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