What To Wear To a Wedding

It’s officially wedding season and if you’re wondering what to wear to a wedding, we’ve got you covered with three versatile outfits paired with the perfect special occasion shoe.

What to wear to a wedding

For A black-tie or formal wedding, the hosts are inviting you to get dressed up in your fanciest frocks. A floor-length dress, gown (think gala) or anything formal will work well. We’ve chosen a dark blue silk chiffon floor length dress, with a low cut back and elegant diamante embellished straps. This darker color would be perfect for fall weddings or wedding dinners, whereas a lighter colored dress would be more suitable for the summer.

bridesmaid dress

Wedding guest shoes

For outdoor weddings, a cocktail length dress works well. This guarantees you won't have any mud, sand or grass stains on the hem of your dress (trust me, I've been there and its not pretty). The lace detailing on this dress is perfect for any special occasion as lace is timeless and so flattering on everyone.

What to wear to a wedding pink lace dress
Alternatives: Nordstrom | Forever 21
And last but not least, for those of you that don’t do dresses, we have the perfect alternative - a jumpsuit! It still looks smart and tailored, and adding a few accessories will pull the look together. For a more smart/formal feel we've chosen a charmeuse fabric, making it appropriate for both day and night! 

Alternatives: Bloomingdales | ASOS |MISGUIDED | ASOS | 

If you’ve got a handful of weddings to attend this summer, consider going with a versatile special occasion shoe like our Angie-18.

Special occasion shoes

Choosing tan, silver or gold will ensure it’ll complement any outfit so you can wear it to multiple weddings!  If these Angie-18 heels aren’t your thing, we've listed a few alternatives that will go well with any special occasion look: 

Have fun!
P/s If you need more wedding guest outfit inspiration, check out our pinterest board!


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